Simple, Clean Design

is our passion

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

– Lenoardo da Vinci

Simple and Clean

We have been working with design and websites for a combined 40+ years. We have learned a lot along the way and one thing we know, keep it simple. Our desire is that everyone would be able to create a beautiful, quick and smart website. To us, that is simply the only solution.

Our Passion

We are a design┬ácompany working to make site creation and design much easier. We know you can go and buy a site on another service and “build it yourself.” But, is that really what you want? We work with you to create your perfect site. You simply add your content, we handle┬áthe rest. Making us the perfect team for your business.

Our Team


Team Leaders

Ok, you caught us, these are not our real photos. New pictures coming soon.

Rachael Jackson

President, CEO

Lee Dannelly

VP of Operations, CTO

Steve Lacy

VP of Marketing



Open Positions

WordPress Designers

Do you enjoy designing websites in WordPress? Does helping businesses grow online inspire you? Then working with Site Genius as a WordPress Designer sounds like it may be a great fit for you.


  • Good working knowledge of WordPress, HTML and CSS.
  • Able to work in WordPress Multi-site.
  • Able to create beautiful designs that are easily navigated by an end user.

Think you may be a good addition to our team?

Fill out the form and get in touch.

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Ready to get started or just have a question?

Start wtih a free consultation. We prefer to chat on the phone or a video chat. We like to keep it old school. Relationships with our clients are important to us.

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